And for my first post…

I thought it would be appropriate to share some links on blogging and content creation for my first post.

First, a list from Jeff Bullas on why you should blog before you Twitter. (20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter)

Everyone knows I love the Twitter, but Jeff makes some great points on the benefits of blogging vs. Twitter. The most salient one being that when you blog on your own site, you have total control over your site, your content, your analytics, everything, which goes along with one of my favorite sayings, “own your own land.” As long as you have a home base somewhere that is all your own and you can control, everything else is a method of distribution and community-building, but if anything ever happens to those places, you’re not out of luck. (Darren Rowse of ProBlogger makes the same point, which Jeff references in his piece.)

Jeff also has a great list of ways to come up with content for your blog. (30 Inspiring Ideas To Develop Content For Your Blog)

Most of them are pretty simple after you’ve read them, but sometimes we get so involved in trying to plan a project out that we miss the easy stuff (or low-hanging fruit, as it were). Some of my favorites that go beyond the usual rehashing of industry news (which is perfectly okay!) are writing customer success story case studies, write up your thoughts after an event, and interviews, either scheduled or on-the-go at events.

And last, here is a beautiful infographic from Copyblogger, essentially a “creating content for dummies.” (22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue)

I love a good infographic, and this one is both well-designed and has great ideas. It shares some of the same ideas Jeff’s list has, but I enjoy some of the other ones, like taking a walk. (I’m a subscriber to the theory of walks. My brain frees up when I take walks, and I think of great things when that happens.)

Enjoy these links, and I hope you’ll stick around!

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